15 Horrible Diseases With No Cure

From a mythological curse that stops the breath once asleep, to a face disfiguring disease that attacks children, these are 15 diseases with no cure. We take a look through 15 horrible diseases that have no cure.
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Lord Shiva Mantra – Very Powerful To Cure All Diseases
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40 thoughts on “15 Horrible Diseases With No Cure”

  1. To be fair people some of the illnesses mentioned do in fact have a cure but do to people putting so much trust in our government we don't push as hard for them to hand it out. If these things scare u than start gathering together and demand cures our government has but are just not showing u them. 

  2. My aunt has Parkinson's disease 😕 she has gone through one surgery that has changed her life and she is the best!! I love her so much!!

  3. Why was this in my recommendation box..? I watch people like Dan and Phil, Pewdiepie, Zoella…What have they got to do with Ebola and other diseases?!

  4. Please display the meanings of the prayer in English text titles so that people listing will understand the full meaning and get the benefit out of it.

  5. Belovest and Honorable! – who did put this very aggressive and "provocative" prior-video to ignite the most low and negative substantial vibrations, – is it possible, please, just remove it, or change this battle-advertising on something with better and more meaningful sense.
    Besides of all, producing unpleasant consequences and impressions, "manifestation of this controversial Idea"- it is, – so.. sorry, but, it is just deeply disrespectful to the Great One from The Universal Immortal Eternal Inseparable Trinity: – Lord Brahma – Lord Vishnu – Lord Shiva.
    Due to Original Unity, (as They are The Great ONE!), and because that is UNITY ! in between ALL Three Universal DIVINITY,- this "action-movie" – demonstrated some sort of dissonance, dis-balance, disharmony – to such The Great Cause of the Creation, which has had No Cause for The Divine Three Themselves. It's somewhat – offensive, non-adequate approach to the CREATION.
    The Atheistic Cognition, literally, – does is the form of "Faith", the form of "Believe".
    Well, so, – under the Free will of choice, – each choice is equal and respectful.

    So far, the many those humble beings, who does suspect, or does accept, or does feel, or does scared, or does Love, or does see – the Creator is – behind the visible – invisible Creation, – would You, please, Darling Atheistic Believers, – also .. – would You please! – give us opportunity to make our own choice, our own move, our own step, our own Respectful and Loving attitude toward our Gods and Goddess, – Whoever They-Divinity Are.
    Our Love to Them and our love to each-other, and our love to Creation (for everything, for everybody – in Whole!), and our Love to the World, as we are simple beings – is sacred and unconditional and bright and pure, and joyful, and infinite, as the Sun Light is. We don't want "fight and battles" , "argue and confrontation", – we do need and want shante and peace, dharma, ahimsa. We are the Race of Love.

    Please, don't put the color of Fear, Aggression, Anger of unknown reason, Meaningless No-Win Fight for fight-by itself only. Please, we are begging sincerely: – don't use our most heartfelt, most devoted, most truly Prayers – to our Inner and Universal Belovest Eternal GODS, – please, don't use it, – as the comfortable, useful moment to make a beneficial pragmatic advertising, due to many people are watching these sacred Prayers. It looks- not good. Please – stop it, if You don't mind. We – humble beings,-the Believers souls, from many Different confessions! – we are very grateful for understanding and sincere cooperation. Namaste – all Darling Beloved! Namaste!

  6. divine…..!!!!! really devotional!!!
    i have uploaded a shiva song on my channel…. use headphones and hear it…. peace guaranteed…. om namahshivaay..!!!

  7. I love listening to this version of Sri Rudram. even the bollywood looking intro adds to the whole vibe of the mantra saluting Shiva for his arrows and praying that he spare us.

  8. very good diction and recitation. i put down on the praer in my languageto recite everyday. which you find this prayer pl. thanks

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