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Natural Cures For Impotence – Stay Safe While Treating Impotence

When it comes to impotence or erectile dysfunction, there is certainly no shortage of natural cures. From acupuncture to ginseng to aphrodisiacs, there are plenty of natural remedies that one can use to treat impotence. These types of natural cures are usually safe and do not cause any side-effects, unlike the drugs that are available on the market for erectile dysfunction or impotence.

There have been numerous studies that prove the effectiveness of natural remedies. However, you may ask, why opt for natural remedies when you can find various other methods to treat erectile dysfunction? Well, the answer is pretty simple. These natural means not only cure this disorder in men, but also provide several other health benefits. Let’s look into some of the amazing benefits there are in using natural cures for impotence.

* The first and foremost benefit you can gain from natural remedies is that they can completely cure the disease and that without any side-effects. This simply means that now you get to perform your best at the time of sexual intercourse, without worrying about any other types of health ailments. This will boost your confidence to a great extent.

* Another incredible benefit of natural cures for impotence is that you get to lose those extra pounds easily and effectively. One of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction is the lack of blood circulation in the body. What natural remedies do is help you with proper blood circulation, which eventually helps in fat-loss and you end up losing those extra bulges.

* Natural cures for erectile dysfunction or impotency also provide essential nutrients to your body such as vitamins, minerals, etc. So now you get a perfectly healthy body and also get to look a lot younger.

* Last but not least, one of the biggest benefits of natural cures is that they cause no side-effects, and is thus a safer option for you.

Now, let’s take a sneak peek into the various types of natural cures for impotence available to you.

This has been a widely-used natural method to treat impotence and has been around for many centuries. It is also a scientifically proven impotence treatment. This particular treatment has been found to be truly effective against erectile dysfunction or ED and many medical practitioners all around the world suggest acupuncture to their impotent patients.

Arginine or L–arginine is an amino acid, which is typically found in various kinds of foods and is also one of the best natural means to work well against ED. It mainly facilitates the nitric oxide production in the human body that causes the blood vessels to expand and helps in proper blood circulation. Thus, it eventually helps in sustaining an erection. However, it is only effective in men who have nitric oxide deficiency in their body. For men with normal levels of nitric oxide, only higher dosages of L–arginine is effective. If arginine is taken along with pine extract pycnogenol, then it will surely increase your libido and help you perform your best at the time of sexual intercourse.

This is the herb that has been proven to have the ability to increase a man’s sexual potency to a great extent and can truly be an excellent natural cure for impotence. It is also helpful in promoting nitric oxide growth in the body. However, you must be careful and consult your physician before taking the herb if you are already on any kind of medication.

As far as natural cures for impotence are concerned, there are plenty of them out there. However, it is always advisable that you consult an expert before choosing any of the alternative means for treating erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Natural cures for impotence Before choosing a method of treatment for impotence, one has to determine the reason for the impotence, because the method of treatment depends on the cause of the problem. Click here for Impotence cures

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Cure Your Cancer: Your Guide to the Internet

Cure Your Cancer: Your Guide to the Internet

Cure Your Cancer: Your Guide to the Internet

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Cesium Chloride: One of the Most Proven and Potent Cancer Cures

Cesium is a highly alkaline mineral that has proven to be effective in treating various forms of cancer. In fact, cesium chloride is so effective that it has been used to successfully treat stage four cancer patients as well as those who suffer from cancers like lymphoma and leukemia, even though the cancer has already metastasized throughout the entire body.

Best of all, cesium chloride is one of the least expensive cancer cures in the world, unlike chemotherapy and radiation treatments that can leave patients and families financially ruined.

Brief History of Cesium Chloride

Cesium chloride’s cancer fighting properties were discovered back in the 1930s when A. Keith Brewer, a physicist, became involved in cancer research and developed a treatment protocol that was based on the potent alkaline mineral. The cancer treatment he developed was so effective that all 30 patients in his trial survived various forms of cancer.

Later trials conducted by another cancer researcher, Dr. H.E. Sartori in 1981 also delivered similar results with one notable exception – all of his patients were considered terminal or “end of life” – in other words, doctors had already written them off, yet Sartori’s cesium chloride cancer treatment protocol helped half of his patients survive when modern medicine and all of the supposed advanced cancer cures had failed!

How Cesium Chloride Works

Cancerous cells in the body do not receive enough oxygen because they have a hardened outer membrane that is all but impenetrable. Without sufficient oxygen, these cells cannot oxidize glucose for energy but must instead rely on fermentation to generate the fuel they need to survive. Unfortunately, this process increases the presence of lactic acid, which short-circuits the cell’s ability to control cell growth, leading to the rampant, uncontrolled cell growth that is associated with cancer.

Fortunately, cesium chloride has the unique ability to penetrate the hardened membranes of these cancerous cells. After breaching the outer defenses of cancer cells, cesium chloride, with its high alkalinity, raises the cell’s pH levels back to normal and prevents the cell from fermenting glucose for energy, which effectively causes the cancerous cells to starve.

Best of all, this treatment protocol only targets cancer cells, not healthy ones unlike the widespread, untargeted devastation that chemotherapy, radiation and other supposed cancer cures cause to any and all cells in their path.

The Most Potent Cancer Cure You Never Heard About

There’s a reason why most cancer patients have never heard of cesium chloride, despite the fact that its effectiveness has been known for 80 years – the medical community and drug companies are greedy! They would rather continue pushing ineffective and outrageously expensive toxic chemical treatments rather than accept the fact that an effective, inexpensive cure was found decades ago.

Health practitioners using cesium chloride protocols on their patients have even been attacked by the Medical Community, which means that many patients end up treating themselves. Fortunately, unlike other cancer cures, cesium chloride is a treatment protocol that requires very little supervision or knowledge, which makes it an attractive alternative to the treatments currently being pushed by the mainstream medical community.

Copyright 2011. Boro Petric. All rights reserved.

Boro Petric, a Swiss native, became a longevity strategist after having battled a liver tumor that almost took his life. His website is a free online resource for people who want to live longer, stronger and healthier.


Natural cancer cures are a hot topic but what if you could kill cancer altogether

In the Max Life Interview, Dr Charles Majors talks about how not only fighting cancer naturally but to killing cancer altogether.

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My 10 Suppressed Natural Cancer Cures

As I have been saying in previous articles the medical/pharmaceutical owned and controlled cancer establishment do not want you to know that ever since time immemorial there has been cheap, natural and non-toxic cures for cancer.

If any of these non-patentable cures were allowed to be known to the public at large then, as a result, they would seriously undercut the medical/pharmaceutical owned and controlled cancer establishment’s business. So, whether it has been through making these successful alternative cures with their related practitioners illegal or paying off the mainstream media to blackout, ignore or ridicule, even when knowing they do in effect cure cancer, the establishment have shown that money is more important to them than truth.

The establishment’s treatment of cancer: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery largely achieve poor results and cancer is therefore only a major life-threatening illness because of the suppression of the highly effective cheap, natural and non-toxic cures.

So here’s my list of 10 suppressed natural cancer cures. Indeed, this is not an exhaustive account and you may know others. Either way I encourage you to do your own research but beware of the deliberate misinformation media sources with their weak arguments and purposely left out relevant information to make the case against cheap, natural and non-toxic alternative cures look stronger or plausible. Some of them are secretly cancer establishment sponsored!

1. Royal (William) Rife’s Cancer Machine

In the 1930’s California microbiologist Royal Rife after many years put together a ‘universal microscope’ basically designed to focus on cancer cells by identifying their wave frequency of vibration being different to normal cells… The universal microscope could then be used to send beams of a specific frequency from a ray tube which zapped and killed the cancer cells. This Rife called the mortal oscillatory rate which was very successful in destroying cancer in patients. So successful, in fact, Rife’s machine cured 16 out of 16 cancer patients and some had been hopeless cases.

However, into the 1940’s and 50’s well into the manufacture of the cancer machines, having established treatment clinics, Rife found himself caught up in a legal wrangle with the establishment’s big boys such as the American Medical Association. In spite of Rife winning court cases… his equipment was finally laid to rest, seized by the authorities for illegal alternative practices in medicine.

2. Laetrile Cancer Treatment

Ernest Krebs learned that the isolated indigenous Hunsas people living at the foot of the Himalayas lived to very high ages before death. He found that apricot kernels was very much used in their diet, containing high vitamin B17 levels, which he theorised was responsible for contributing to no cancer recorded in this area. He made a refined (distilled) version of vitamin B17 and called it laetrile. It was found that laetrile or B17 destroyed the enzyme beta-glycosidase in the cancer cell’s metabolic pathway and thus could cure cancer when using it as a therapy.

Bad science (deliberate?), politics, corporate greed and adverse publicity basically destroyed this great discovery from getting deserved recognition at large…

3. Harry Hoxey’s Herbal Remedies

Successful businessman Harry Hoxey after curing his horse with cancer used the same paste-applied herbal remedy on people. His herbal formula had achieved 80% success over 80 years. In the 1960’s his clinic in Texas was shut down for illegal practices… All for curing people of cancer. A former nurse working with Hoxey’s remedy took the treatment to Mexico which still survives today.

4. Metabolic Nutritional Therapy

This is the idea that certain anti-cancer foods can be used as a strict dietary regime. Again this has been highly successful but the cancer establishment seldom mention nutrition: No money to be made there…

5. Gerson Therapy

This follows on from 4 in the respects that it is a form of metabolic nutritional therapy, using body detoxification to assist in the process. Gerson therapy originally devised by Max Gerson was fully recognised in congress from hearings in the 1920’s but was later struck of the record. One can only assume because of the threat it posed to undercutting the medical/pharmaceutical’s businesses and less governmental revenues… if got to the public at large.

6. Otto Warburg Oxygen Therapy

Another great individual with his pioneering work in the 1930’s was biochemist Otto Warburg. He was unjustly ridiculed by the establishment for coming up with the finding that oxygen is an environment that cancer cells don’t like. Warburg said that cancer cells manifest in an oxygen deprived environment. Why do you think you never hear of cancer of the heart? It’s because the heart contains oxygen rich blood… This has been ignored by the establishment.

7. John Baird Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

At the turn of the 20th century Scottish doctor Baird noticed that during early foetal development the mother’s placental cells behave like cancer cells in that they show rapid growth. By pregnancy day 56, when the foetus has formed its pancreas, it produces pancreatic enzymes that switch off this rapid growth. So basically Baird theorised, given that these placental cells behave like cancer cells in that they exhibit rapid growth, like the foetal cells, could the cancer cells be switched off by pancreatic enzymes? The answer is yes! Yes, cancer could be successfully treated using pancreatic enzymes. However, in spite of its success, the treatment was laid to rest invalidated and radiation therapy was chosen by the establishment instead…

8. Tullio Simoncini Cancer Therapy

Brilliant tenacious Italian doctor Tullio Simoncini has been subjected to huge pressures from the establishment to succumb: In spite of the ridicule and attempts at legal action he continues his work today focussing on treating cancer as a fungus called Candida resulting from a poor immune system. Simoncini found that antifungal treatment did not work. The solution was not only cheap but simple. He gave patients sodium bicarbonate internally through an endoscope (tube). This allows the bicarbonate to go directly to the cancer. As mentioned above this great cancer breakthrough has however been largely ignored by the cancer establishment.

9. Stanislaw Burzynski Antineoplastons

There is a movie available to see on U-Tube called “Cancer Is a Serious Business.” This award winning scandalous true story movie made my cry. It shows how a medical man &biochemist Dr Stanislaw Burzynski discovered a cancer cure using gene therapy, but had to deal with the mite of the American Food and Drug Administration who tried to criminalise him for his practices. A 14 year 60 million dollar US tax payer’s money legal battle ensued… The fact that he had help saved many lives, curing sometimes even hopeless cancer cases was never the issue! The real issue was the fact that Dr Burzynski was undercutting the cancer establishment’s business…

10. Anti-Oxidants

The late great scientist twice Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling was turned down when he tried to get funding with his colleagues for further research on vitamin C and its role in fighting cancer: He found that leukaemia sufferers had low levels of vitamin C. When these sufferers were given frequently high doses of vitamin C they went into remission (recovery)… Pauling also discovered that frequent vitamin C high dosing stops the migratory pathways that cancer cells use to metastasise (spread). It is inconceivable to me that this could be ignored but has been (and still is).

In summary

The above clearly shows that the medical/pharmaceutical establishment has the upper hand in controlling cancer. Power, political gain and profit are indeed the ulterior motives. I would encourage the reader to do his/her own study and learn to discern: For example, look at the mass media reports on cancer and ask yourself does this have vested interest. Ask yourself who stands to gain..?

If you liked reading this article then go to for more related articles including a free download PDF. NewParadigm is a portal to transformation, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media and much more… Hosted by Paul A Philips.

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