Bad Breath- The Top 5 Natural Cures For Bad Breath

Having bad breath can be a major problem that interferes with your career, your social circle, and of course your intimate relationships as well. There are many things that people do to mask bad breath and sometimes when you have no other options – and the boss is walking your way! – it might be advisable to grab that mint or stick of gum. But if you’re interested in the top 5 natural cures for bad breath, then you’re in luck. After all, why not cure a condition if you can, rather than constantly trying to cover it up?

One of the top 5 natural cures for bad breath is chewing parsley or mint leaves. There are two reasons these seem to work. The first is that they are both very heavy in natural oils, which lubricate your mouth and help to move out food particles that break down and cause bad breath due to bacteria. They also help to neutralize stomach acids, which also cause bad breath.

Another one of the top 5 natural cures for bad breath is milk thistle, available at most health food stores or pharmacies. Milk thistle is thought to work as a curative on the liver, helping to move bacteria through this natural filter and out of the body.

Silica or silicon dioxide is another of the top 5 natural cures for bad breath, as it too is thought to get rid of toxins and foreign substances in the body. Silica appears naturally in the body but is sometimes prescribed for cases of gum disease, infection, and mouth ulcers. Silica is typically available at the pharmacy as well.

Sweet fennel is a calming herb for the stomach and is also considered one of the top 5 natural cures for bad breath. When your stomach is upset and churning up acids and other digestive elements, this can give you bad breath. By using sweet fennel you settle your stomach and address your breath as well.

And many people may not think of it as being one of the top 5 natural cures for bad breath, but drinking enough water is very important. By staying hydrated you help the body to digest the way it should, calm those stomach acids, and help move dried food particles out of your mouth. So try these cures and see if you can’t soon open your mouth with confidence!

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