Saint Peregrine Black Drawing Salve is for Skin Cancer, Warts, Moles, Skin Tags, and Other abnormal Skin Growth
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26 thoughts on “BLACK SALVE – SKIN CANCER – WITH BLOODROOT, Saint Peregrine”

  1. you can make your own, similar herbal balm-salve, infused oil. Chaparral, alone, or for stings, bites or extracting thorns, splinters -do a 50-50 of Chaparral and plantain. Make an infused oil, add bees wave and make a slave that I have seen in my own practice do the same things and cheap to make.

  2. Hello. It is truly a fantastic product. And great value for money. However, it must be used with care. I bought it on ebay with other products ie Herbal & Black Drawing Ointments. The delivery and after sale care were excellent. Thank you Sr Irene. I highly recommend these products.

  3. It's a wonderful product. I highly recommend it and the women who prepare it are consecrated to God. You cant' beat that. I'm very happy with the results, Ellen O.

  4. Review from one user:
    "I am very happy with the product. It got rid of what I perceived was a melanoma on my forehead and is healing well. My husband and I decided we should have more of this on hand. With Obama care which we refuse to get, we are doing the alternative route which is the better route. Thank you for what you do, God bless, S.T. "

  5. I used this product. It works fantastic and is great value for money. It totally removed a growth on my arm. They are selling the same produce in USA under the name "two feathers" at a  rip-off price of $135.95+$25 for shipping for a 44g pot. SHAME ON THEM!

  6. I found 100 Blodroots next together also they can grow but I play on a tablet ☺ Bloodroot can grow!

  7. Mrgolo same here also I threw away my broken hero sword 😖😖😖😭😭😪🖕🖕🖕

  8. Send me a friend request gamertag is TSCreeper I want to dupelcate your wisp in a bottle don't worry I'm an expert at it

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