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Hey Everybody! What’s up? I went out again in the woods yesterday to hunt a root called Bloodroot and here is what I dug in about an hour, I explain the many uses of the root and try to be quick for once lol Please join me in the episode of MEATMANGARY also, Please Support Partnered Channels especially the small channels by turning off ADBLOCK or at least sharing the videos with your friends on TWITTER FaceBook or your favorite Social Media of choice, if you just have to use ADBLOCK on YouTube! But to keep YouTube Free for the future please disable ADBLOCK on YouTube just like HULU to watch And I Also, wanted to take a minute and tell you how I really appreciate the new subscribers and the support Wow! And to all of my friends out there you are all greatly appreciated too!! Thanks for watching guys and if you’re not subscribed then do so, That way YouTube can notify you when I upload new videos… later!!

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