Bloodroot Gang Winter 2015

Winter camp on the Bloodroot trail with some brothers from BushcraftUSA forum. Carried in a bed roll and a haversack. No fire by shelter.
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Genre: Piano / Contemporary Classical
Song: Bloodroot
Artist: Rachel Grimes
Album: Book of Leaves (2010)

photography by

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3 thoughts on “Bloodroot Gang Winter 2015”

  1. I'll tell you what, I could have just gone on and on watching what you all where doing. Ben, get out there and make some more videos! Take us from start to finish, you leave us filled with curiosity as to how things went. I sure hope to see more videos. Thank you for sharing what you did share and I'm hoping to see more! You take care of yourself and family, see you soon again I hope! Bibsoutdoors

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