Cancer The Forbidden Cures!

Cancer The Forbidden Cures!

Astounding revelations of various cancer cures suppressed by reptilian/Illuminati AMA and FDA.

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19 thoughts on “Cancer The Forbidden Cures!”

  1. I have red that Artemisia the plant can cure cancer. It is a plant nor even a drug so you can take the chance to try it, only you need to prepare the tea with the plant an infusion with a spoon of leaves and then try, you loose nothing.

  2. Wonderful documentary, how sad that the 'powers' the money making men think more of money than actually curing the sick. Like it says, the Pharmacist do not want us to be well, they like us sick, so we take their toxic pills. There are cures in nature. Of course we need doctors for cuts, broken bones and we need antibiotics but I strongly believe that 'our maker' has put everything on this planet for us to heal ourselves. They cannot 'patent' them !!!! There is a big push now to eat more fruit and veg, which are plants…….and not kill animals (I love meat) which of course, are pumped with their drugs and we ingest those too. They are killing us……slowly, customers for life, not curing us……….they want us to think
    'there is a pill for every ill'.

  3. I'v just gotten rid of a painful cavity (tooth decay) with coconut oil and it took less than two weeks. My teeth are very white. See "oil pulling" for instructions. It really works.

  4. Dr. Dean Edell is a suck up! And at the same time- he admits the doctors are wrong when they
    often diagnose incorrectly. lol

  5. please visit my facebook page called: "Rid Yourself of Cancer" I share my story and give lots of information of
    very therapeutic things we can use- and ideas for the cancer patient to consider when seeking health.
    Also, here I have the video "Cancer healing protocol"

  6. Cancer- doctors who lie, so they can get rich off you……………………. If a person will fast, pray, stay in the word and praise GOD, has the power to heal themselves and others

  7. Pharma? On the Farm, we are being farmed to ill health!! Most growing soil has been depleted of nutrients so after 50 yrs you'er about really to be pharmed!!!

  8. Thanks, very Illuminating! But as the statistics show, we should investigate on more of how humanity evolves and this video lacks the in-depth study of the 2 ancient and existing cultures, India and China. Diets is just the very superficial of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), developed over 5 millenniums and diets are reflection of this deep medical insights . Supreme medicine in TCM is optimum health without medicine but a healthy, long-lived body to do society good; second level is the holistic medicine with acupuncture and acupressure; finally is called inferior medicine which has several levels and the Western medicine, using drugs to treat symptoms are considered lowest, voodoo and poisonous. America will be a footnote in history, like the Roman Empire, that becomes the most wasteful, culturally deprived, greedy and materially oriented culture. What a pity for a nation that has such high potentials but willingly give up its power to these power and profits hungry devils.

  9. Well good news you don't have to give up sugar to get rid of your candida issues at least I didn't! The problem is with too much fat in your cells which raises your blood sugar level and feeds the yeast. Lookup Frederic Patenaude "Candida Understanding the Real Issue" and follow his diet it's pretty easy.

  10. Okay… But if they wanted the cure to be available to anyone for free, why didn't Caisse or Hoxey publish the recipes? Not under the aggressive "cancer cure" label, but something that may help the patient's well being. After all, if the cures were only herbal concoctions, they could have published them in something like a cooking recipes magazine if they were afraid of reprisals…

  11. They don't want a cure to much money to be made, AMA are criminals working with the Elite to increase profits reduce population and I believe they get off knowing the suffering taken place…

  12. True evil must live in the hearts of anyone who suppresses Alternative Cancer Treatment. They are so vile as to put money before the welfare of human beings.
    If there's a hell below, such people deserve to go.

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