Chaga | Siberian Mushroom | Cures Cancer?

Chaga, a Siberian Mushroom, that is known to cure cancer. Really? Watch this video and see what this Natural Remedy is doing for people around the world.

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Wasp Venom Cures Cancer?!

Mt. McKinley being re-named, paralyzed man becomes cyborg, and wasp venom can cure cancer now!
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21 thoughts on “Chaga | Siberian Mushroom | Cures Cancer?”

  1. 3:39 Not cool to drop the J*sus bomb like that, especially since you bleeped out every other curse in this video. My little sister showed me this and was embarrassed when that happened. You guys do a great job, but it's difficult to raise a kid well in this world and easy to refrain from profanity. Just my two cents.

  2. How would one get Polybia-MP1 ! All this stuff about this new cure, well where the hell is it ? Would it be legal or possible to go down to Brazil and get a bunch of wasps and start breeding them??? Also how is Polybia-MP1 taken? Is it taken orally in a pill of some sort or injected?

  3. all cures for all illnessess are probably already on this planet just have to look in every single corner and crack

  4. While I do enjoy the new format of these videos I just wanted to let you know that the former multiple uploads a day was preferred. I mean I'm not planning on unsubscribing, but I did just want to give you guys some feedback. Also I do really enjoy the faint background music throughout the video.

  5. I just got stung by wasp, i guess its a good thing…. hurts like hell though 🙁 aaawwww mmmaaann i hate WASP

  6. You know what, fuck flying cars and shit. Were taking bigger steps toward curing so many things and making the quality of life so much better for people and its amazing.

  7. The money is in the treatment not the cure! In two months this science will be buried next to the technology that allows you to run your car on salt water.

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