Dr. Coldwell Says Hemp Cures Cancer

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Dr. Leonard Coldwell says hemp can cure a number of cancers. He says it’s one of the most nutritious products on the planet.

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20 thoughts on “Dr. Coldwell Says Hemp Cures Cancer”

  1. sun screen creates skin cancer? Lol there's people with skin cancer that say wear sun screen to avoid skin cancer.

  2. Yes, cannabis and hemp does cure many cancers. There is a huge amount of evidence for this world wide. It's also helpful for autism, dementia, alzheimer's and schizophrenia. It's used in Israel for dementia patients.

  3. Is there a general daily limit to how much your body can handle "internally" without side effects — Example would be: 1 tablespoon/ 3 times a day
    BTW, I bought the Nutiva brand to try hemp oil, and it had a very fresh nutty flavor.
    With many good things, there's usually a healthy limit. I'm just checking.
    Cheers 🍎😎

  4. I grew up in small town USA, 4 guys in that town died from cancer, all 4 were heavy pot smokers. Hemp oil or hemp seed may cure cancer, marijuana does not, in fact I believe it causes cancer.

  5. This Doctor is great. On top of that his voice has such a positive vibe and soothing sound. Thank you for your videos!

  6. He is wrong though… Hemp Seed Oil doesn't cure cancer anything… Hemp Oil does, hemp oil WITH THC… its maybe a mistake but this is false information.

  7. Once again; you cannot patent/profit from nature thus companies/corporations have absolutely turned the world into toxic, cancerous waste dump. Companies will produce synthetic hemp which will in turn give you cancer because it is not from nature 🙂

  8. The whole world we live in can be summed up in a single sentence – 'Everything is the complete opposite to what it appears to be'.

  9. Hey guys Rick Simpson talks about RSO Oil wich is in the "buds"…Dr. Coldwell talks about the Oil of the seed. What is know right?

  10. First of all Scott….95% of Americans "do not think or stigmatize Hemp or Marijuana any longer"….Hemp can cure or keep one healthy 'in and of itself" alone.

    Hemp oil….kills or "causes apoptosis" or "cell-death" by well studies mechanisms, double blind studies,…Rat studies, etc.

    Our government will move slowly…due to "our leadership ego's" trying to vy with making it legal..and yet needing to get reelected.

    Hemp will disrupt, oil, plastic, medicine, clothing (cotton, other natural fabrics, etc), infrastructure for home building, etc. God made this plant…and just "as we turned around and killed JESUS….we're doing the same thing to this life saving plant".

    It's in our genetic code to be ignorant of what God gives us….only a special few; maybe 10% can actually "see this" clearly.

    May God bless us all…every single human,….in Jesus's name, and by His blood.

  11. This government don't want natural cures for illnesses. They want us drinking all the toxic medications! You see if not they don't make money! How sad this is.

  12. he keeps saying hemp seed oil rick simpson uses THC cannabis oil from leaves and buds..
    i seen hemp seed oil it may be good for skin but i feel THC Cannabis oil from the bud an leaves would kill all cancers..

  13. Hemp Seed oil is no Substitution for cannabis oil for fighting cancer. Hemp seed is a good supplement sure! The same as cannabis oil is needs to be used as part of a protocol . For Dr Coldwell to say there is no bigger cure than hemp seed or hemp seed oil, sorry but he is talking shit!

  14. He's wrong he's just after material gain on oil products, there is No THC in hemp seed it's the THC that cures the cancer which you get in cannabis oil look up Rick Simpson cannabis oil on line

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