Fight for a Cure

Check out these Cures for Cancer images:

Fight for a Cure
Cures for Cancer
Image by darks~lyghts
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I am a breast cancer survivor.
October is breast cancer awareness month!
please check yourselves regularly and get your yearly mamograms.

Lets see some more sl BCA artwork <3

Godzilla proves that jumping over a shark is awesome while an alien documents the awesomeness
Cures for Cancer
Image by sween
Godzilla could cure cancer and it wouldn’t feel this awesome.

Picture the Cure
Cures for Cancer
Image by Gwen’s River City Images
Picture The Cure is a one month gallery show featuring photographers and artists from Canada and abroad. All proceeds are donated to the Canada Cancer Society. This year the event is being held in July at the Steamwhistle Brewery gallery in Toronto. The final night, July 30, will be a reception and silent auction.

The flickr group:
The site:
Irina Souiki is the co-ordinator (she’s an awesome soul):

If you’re in Toronto anytime in July, please stop by.

Steam Whistle Brewing
255 Bremner Blvd
Toronto, ON, Canada
(416) 362-2337

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