Fruit that cures cancer

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Are viruses all bad? As it turns out, certain retroviruses just might be the key to keeping us healthy and even curing disease. Trace explains how we can harness some of the world’s most dangerous bugs to keep us healthy!

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Bee Venom Kills HIV ►►►►


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21 thoughts on “Fruit that cures cancer”

  1. Wasn't really HIV thought merely the mecanisms of that virus' family. CARs T-cells therapy, that's the real name and they are awesome.

  2. So, treatment is going to cost 100000 $ I guess! ? Even that people arround the world paid billions for research, through charities

  3. so T cells fought hiv and hiv to T cells because they wanted to kill the cancer. So the cancer just said "fuck this shit i am out". and then they still whent on fighting without even noticing the cancer was gone wtf.

  4. Trace is the best dnews host by far! I would say lacy but everytime she hosts my dick takes over my brain so i dont hear a word she sais hahahahahah

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