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Combining intense incendiary live shows that will leave you drenched in awe; with richly textured powerful compositions that transcend the normal metal style, there’s no doubting Bloodroot is an intense band. In their intense career they have risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Soared to the top in their region time after time just waiting to be discovered like a diamond in the rough, there is no stopping this entity. Bloodroot’s songs will clench you by the throat, infect your soul and pulverize you into reality. The experiences they’ve gained in the Midwest metal scene and their constant effort to be determined, has metamorphosised them into driven song writers. The four piece members consist of Max Mcallister(vocals), Chris Smith(guitars), Jeff Naffziger(bass), and Rory Butler(drums). Hailing from Peoria, Illinois. Bloodroot has opened for and shared the stage with a multitude of national acts, Disturbed, Soil, Pissing Razors, Quiet Riot, Flaw, Primer 55, Skinlab, Lazarus AD and Mudvayne just to name a few. The best way to describe Bloodroot is a true American metal band. Taking influence from all genres of metal, and blurring the line between extreme and commercial, Like a venomous attack, you will be strickened. Massive guitars, intense vocals, catchy choruses with pounding bass and drums are what make up the core sound of Bloodroot. Always striving to reinvent themselves and give their audience 100% is what keeps Bloodroot motivated to deliver. With one full length LP recorded early in their career, several demo’s later and a new studio CD coming soon, this brutal foursome is ready to conquer anything in the future that will help the band continue to succeed.

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