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Breast Cancer Awareness Month !
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Image by ♫ joyousjoym~ Blessings♥
Using one of Mimitalks’ beautiful BCA frames my pink rose looks like LIFE. Get a mammogram THIS YEAR if you are over 40. Politics aside, these tests have been proven to save lives. Do it for yourself and your family. Ask a survivor! Thanks, PLEASE READ:

Starting October 1, our Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign begins. PLEASE consider making one of your pink images into a BCA THINK PINK FOR THE CURE, image. Below you will find a link to frames provided by Mimitalks, (the chairperson of our 2010 BCA Flickr campaign) FREE for the taking. Just save it to your computer and pop one of your own photos into the frame and post it on Flickr. ALL photos that use the Pink Ribbon, or BCA frame and are pink will be invited to join and post in THE PERFECT PINK DIAMOND. Thank you so much for considering this. Let’s find a cure! JJ
Super cool BCA frames:

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