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The mere mention of the phrase ‘mole removal products’ would immediately conjure images of all those commercial products currently being sold in the market today. You can purchase these products at affordable prices. But are you aware of the side effects that these products can cause among users? If these products cause discomfort to you, it is likely that they contain some elements that you are allergic to. Side effects can be avoided if you use mole removal products made from natural ingredients such as herbs. Though surgeries can be another option, it will cost you more. Surgery also has the possibility of leaving behind scars. You can easily avoid the scars if you follow the following measures. They won’t even make a huge dent in your finances.

A good treatment would be the use of bloodroot extract. Preparing this treatment is very easy. Bloodroot extract is even included in the ingredients of several commercial products. Sanguinaria Canadensis is the scientific name of bloodroot. Often, for greater effect, glycerin, water and salt are added to bloodroot extract in these commercial products. The glycerin used is from a vegetable source. You will no doubt feel more secure if the product you are using has the stamp of approval of the Food and Drug Administration. If you want better results, you can do a slight abrasion on the part of the skin where the moles are. What is the reason behind such a step? A little pain may be involved from the abrasion. But it needs to be surely done, prior to the application of bloodroot extract.

If you scrape the outer layer of the skin, the extract would be able to penetrate deeper and be more effective. The extract will first reach the pigmented layer. Then there will be a reaction on the skin cells. You might experience some skin irritation. But it will disappear soon in three to five days. There are some cases where the moles are diagnosed to be cancerous. Home remedies or nonsurgical treatments will not work for cases such as these. Set up an appointment with the doctor at once. A dermatologist would be the best person that you would have to consult. He is the most qualified to make suggestions regarding this matter.

If you are using wart or mole removal creams, you should also take note of the time when they should be applied. Aside from that, the aftercare should also be taken note of. It has been the experience of some mole removal cream users that the creams they have used did not take effect as well as they should have. A reason behind this could be blamed on the user. Maybe he or she did not apply the mole removal creams properly. They did not follow the proper time of application and the suggested follow up treatments.

Another treatment you could prepare can be made from the extract of figs and cashews. The extract from poppy seeds can also be used. Place the treatment on the skin moles and let it stay there for 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it off. Then the moles will get completely removed without any scar formation. If surgery scares you, this type of treatment would be the most ideal alternative. You have to perform some skin abrasions, however. Removing the skin cells causing the pigmentation or discoloration will be dealt with decisively. Another highly effective mole removal product is castor oil.

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