Natural Mole Removal: Better Than Surgery?

If you go to a dermatologist to remove a mole rest assured they will only recommend surgery. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask them why they are against natural methods.

Doctors have as much to gain for recommending surgery as do the manufacturers of these natural products. So why would you opt for surgery if a natural option works better and is much cheaper? By educating yourself about the benefits and risks of these alternatives, you are increasing your chances of making the best decision you can to remove your moles.

There is no doubt that surgery is an effective form of mole removal, but over the years natural mole removal has proven itself to be the more effective method. We do caution that before you remove any mole you must have it checked out to find out if it is cancerous. If it turns out cancerous, do not hesitate to undergo surgery and have it removed.

However, if it’s not, the natural home mole removal alternative is an effective and safe method that foregoes the negative sides of surgery. This option involves applying a tested and proven to be safe natural mole removal cream or paste on the mole. Most of these products contain bloodroot, which has been used for ages in alternative medicine for removing moles.

besides making surgery obsolete, natural mole removal remedies give faster results with far less chances of scarring. You never have to visit a doctor and it costs a fraction of the price.

While scarring can be an issue with surgery, natural mole removal has seen faster results and healing without scarring among those who have used this method. There are also possibilities of moles reappearing after surgery, which is not the case for the natural alternative.

Make sure you choose a clinic tested all natural bloodroot based formula and you can’t go wrong. Removing moles in the privacy of your own home gives you the peace of mind that you avoided an embarrassing doctor visit and even better, avoided going under the knife.

Hundreds of thousands of people have successfully removed their moles using all natural alternatives. So before you think about surgery make sure you give one of these products a try.

Before you think about mole removal surgery, make sure you try dermatend first. This proven all natural mole remover is the only clinic tested and doctor recommended formula on the market today and unlike surgery it is 100% guaranteed.

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