Natural Supplements, Vitamins and Herbs For Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Stress
Natural supplements, herbs, vitamins to help with Panic attacks & Anxiety
There has been a huge shift over recent years to alternative medicine as people get disillusioned with conventional medicine to overcome anxiety. Natural and herbal supplements are becoming popular as people re-engage with nature. The list of potential side effects from drugs and the rebound effects from withdrawing often make the thought of taking medication unpleasant. Often the promise of how effective the medication can be is exaggerated or it simply does not have the effect it should because everyone is unique.

Most people want some sort of instantaneous solution to their anxiety, so medication become there first thought, often as a ‘quick fix’. However once they realize the complications with medication, any help they can receive from natural remedies becomes more attractive.
Whether you take natural or prescription medication, there is no quick fix solution. I once suffered for years from anxiety and panic attacks and I can assure you the long term cure is combining it with a program of recovery you can integrate within your lifestyle. Ultimately you don’t want to be taking any medication, vitamins or supplements for extended periods of time unless you have too.

Medication also implies you have an illness or disease. This is wrong because you have neither. If you had an infection you can take some antibiotics as this is a physical illness that needs a physical substance like Penicillin. Anxiety is different; it’s not something you can physically treat like an infection. Anxiety needs a much more general course of action. It requires you treat different areas within your life with a holistic approach.

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29 thoughts on “Natural Supplements, Vitamins and Herbs For Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Stress”

  1. guys, please bless me, i am going under homeopathy therapy for anxiety. this anxiety is killing me. american evidence says homeopathy doesnt work, but in india 30 percent of people rely on homeopathy for their health needs. even for a two year old baby this homeopathy does work where he wouldnt have belief in him toward homeopathy, btw, the homeopathic founder is a german, not an indian.

  2. This guy in the video is stupid I'm sick and tired of people voicing their opinion and trying to get us not to do something but what the fuck are we supposed to do.!!!!!!! I don't like using or having insurance so I need over the counter supplements and besides I'd rather die then be stuck on this damn planet having to pay insurance or cable,bills all this world has to offer is suffering!!!!! Money is the problem here every company wants money they need to go to prison cuz they're making people's lives worse!!

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  4. your products available in philippines?pls.reply i need to try to my sister have anxiety@depression problems.thank you

  5. The first time I had a major anxiety attack, the doctor put me on xanax treatment but it messed with my head really badly and I had memory issues. I was in a living hell. Later, a friend recommended me this treatment, and I’m very grateful with it, i can go anywhere i want without problem, no anxiety or panic attacks, i'm a new person now. Watch this review, it helped me a lot:

  6. can you take Gaba plus l glutamine , glycine and taurine and magnesium can we in corporate them all into our daily routine ,,at the same time ,,can we take them on going as a routine against anxiety

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  11. thank you so much, the last 2 days, last night i had a horrible panick attack, where my heart i think, just under the lungs, in the middle, has a jabbing pain, i get it alot, with tingling in my shoulder, today i was anxious, cause im waiting to see if i would carry on feeling that way today, i am alittle, but knowing alot and listening and having tea while listen has calmed me down, thank you, ive had anxioty attacks sine i was 15,now im 32…. but now with knowledge im going to over come it, thank you x

  12. Good Lord you are boring! I almost fell asleep. If you don't get to the damn supplements and herbs soon I'm gone.

  13. Starts at 3:30, Vitamins at 8:45. Personally MAGNESIUM WORKS for me, STAY AWAY FROM GREEN TEA makes it worse. And flaxseed mixes are yummier and healthier Omega 3 than fish oil bleh.

  14. Another ancient healing technique is listening to frequencies. it has worked wonders on me. my edema has gotten so much better too. thank u Dr for this great info and for all ur hard work!

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  16. There are known treatments for kidney "disease". Bring the body back into balance through correct eating ! Berries Fruits and Melons. These foods will cleanse the whole lymph system including the kidneys. Get your kidneys filtering again. Your urine should be cloudy in the morning. The kidney is one of our most important systems for waste removal. Wiith out it's help our major sewage system the lymph system can not be clean of the cellular waste. Our cells are born and die each day and they must be eliminated through our 3 kidneys, (kidneys and skin). There is hope, there is a cure for this. Research and change your eating habits! See you in Wellville!

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