Nice Cancer Cures photos

A few nice Cancer Cures images I found:

Taking its Time
Cancer Cures
Image by Distant Hill Gardens
A flower on an American Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) amoung a cluster of ripe berries. American Pokeweed is a native plant to much of North America and has medicinal qualities, yet is also highly poisonous. We recently found it growing at Distant Hill Gardens. Even though they are toxic, the young leaves of the plant are consumed and considered a delicacy in the southern United States!

For more about this interesting native plant go to:…

Cancer Cures
Image by tfriberg
no cure for cancer

Riding for Breast Cancer Cures!
Cancer Cures
Image by Tamela Rich
Met this oil drilling "roughneck" from Colorado who works in Williston ND three weeks each month — that’s a 850-mile commute. He rides rodeo for the cause!

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