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Viewing Tobacco Control in China Through an Environmental Perspective
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Image by timquijano
///Article produced for Greening the Beige///…

As a male foreigner who has conducted the management of government relations in China, I have been offered a whole lot of cigarettes. With this in mind, I was very surprised to hear the government’s announcement that it will ban smoking in indoor public places beginning next month, with some notable exceptions–one of which being government offices. This post will describe a few environmental consequences which will be reduced by lower rates of smoking in China, assuming this regulation is at least marginally enforced.
What makes it more acceptable to throw a cigarette butt on the ground than any other piece of trash? Littering of cigarette butts is, perhaps, the most pervasive of tobacco control problems. Wherever you go, you will find butts in the cracks of the sidewalk, as the butts with their non-biodegradable nature, will last almost forever. Many of the casually discarded cigarette butts eventually flow into natural waterways, at which point the toxins such as tar leach out into the soil and water, harming the local organisms. Fish are particularly sensitive to irresponsibly discarded cigarettes, often mistaking the floating butts for food, ingesting them and being poisoned by the chemicals they contain.
The production of tobacco leaves also encourages significant deforestation, particularly in developing tropical states. The need for fuel to feed the fire or flue-curing process to dry tobacco leaves, has resulted in significant deforestation and carbon emissions. Furthermore, growing the high-nicotine tobacco that is demanded by today’s tobacco market depletes the soil of its natural nutrients quickly, thus many tobacco growers are encouraged to move to virgin, or previously undomesticated, plots of land. This rewards a continuous movement into increasingly deep virgin forest, resulting in about 5% of deforestation.
The environmental consequences of smoking cigarettes, thus, are quite remarkable. As with all numbers related to China, the numbers related to smoking in China are overwhelming–one in three smokers in the world is Chinese–thus, the Chinese authorities could considerably reduce the impact of recreational smoking on the environment.

Smith, E., McDaniel, P. Covering their butts: responses to the cigarette litter problem. Tobacco Control. 1999;8:18-28. Available online.…
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natural cures
Image by Rjabinnik and Rounien
A piece of my of summer…
Boys, Kings-of-the-world, who were for the long ten months confined to the school desks, are about to fill the world with a mixture of disordered motion and gleesome peal of their blithe voices. The world will be changed again by the daily presence of children’s gambol and their pure joy of elbowroom, freedom and adventure …. As though it could feel all the miracles of small-festivals – when fruit of the paradise trees is falling right into our arms …
And eventhough Mother Nature should better beware of the young adventurers, She rather vaunt all Her greatest wonders to the world and pride her on inexhaustible amount of beautiful colors, shapes, scents and tastes …

…And all that little life in the grass, snails leisurely gallopping with their safe houses, ants working hard and always in a hurry, beatles hidden under each leaf, lizards on the stones basking in the sun , bees diligently gatherig fine dust, butterflies dancing their flapping ballet over the meadow in full bloom…

…And tender heads of small Daisies bashfully peering at young Ribwoth’s topknot from behind the grass blades. Her Majesty, SunFlower following the way of sun to satisfy the ceremony and Candlewick inviting attention of wayfares, who stunned by her beauty gather the secret cure of her blooms.

…And swallows, eventhough cheerfully twittering, always well-groomed in their glossy tailcoats are poncing around like the summer was the one and only air show…

So… we have no choice left but to bow to all that beauty and with a look on red-weeds bleeding in the grains drift along to the the world of childhood and dreams…

Waldorf inspired toy or decoration.

Made by Rjabinnik, designed by Rounien 2010

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