Rachel Grimes – Bloodroot

Rachel Grimes – Bloodroot. Taken from the album “Book of Leaves”.

Blood Root is a common low-growing plant in the eastern United States that is very unique. It has only one leaf per plant and that leaf grows straight up. A week or two after the leaves come out of the soil the flowers begin to blossom with their bright white color sticking out among the browns of the forest floor.

The flowers usually will have anywhere from 7-10 petals and a few days after booming the flowers will start to lose their petals with the lightest touch. A few inches below the soil lies the root, the medicinal part of the plant. If you take the root and scrape, cut, or damage it; it will “bleed” this red liquid. This is where it gets the name Blood Root.

The root has some medicinal uses however I do not recommend using it unless you are 100% sure what you are doing and are prescribed this from a doctor, physician, homeopath or something along those lines. The reason being this root contains Sanguinarine which is said to cause Glaucoma according to some reports.

Though externally this root can be used as a red skin dye or stain, it’s also said to remove warts though I have not tried this yet. You could also use the root as a dye or stain for textiles or paint if you wanted to go through the effort.

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Song in this video is:Pippin the Hunchback” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  2. stunning. had this name written down for months and been meaning to check out her music for ages, wish i'd done so sooner..

  3. Rachel grimes is one of the most important composers of our time. Everything is in perfect balance and yet feel so organic and spontanious. A refreshing breath of air in a morning myst. A much needed change among the modern composers of our time. Simple language and clear subjects.

  4. I'm binge watching your plant ID videos, and I'm really enjoying myself. Sometimes books just don't tell the story like seeing the plants in their habitats. Please keep up the good work.

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