Round Two

A few nice natural cures images I found:

Round Two
natural cures
Image by Chiot’s Run
I bought some green olives this year since my efforts to cure black olives earlier turned out very well. Hopefully they’re delicious and tasty!

Flagstones of Father Matthew
natural cures
Image by KyllerCG
A scenography house built for some TV show or movie at foot of the Lajedo de Pai Mateus.

The Flagstones of Father Matthew (Lajedo de Pai Mateus) is a rock formation located in the city of Cabaceiras in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. It is made with round stones (weigh up to 45 tons) that stand out on the stone floor and the sparse vegetation of the Cariri Paraibano region. the first of the Seven Wonders of Paraiba was elected in a popular vote organized by the Legislative Assembly in 2010.

According to studies the peculiar rock formation is the result of soil depletion over millions of years, due to natural fissures and large temperature variations. In some cave paintings are found stones assigned to Cariris Indians who lived in the area for about 12,000 years.

Legend says that Father Matthew was a healer hermit that lived in the flagstones around the 18th century. Many people come to him to consult. He did not charge money for their cures, just food. Because of this hermit is that of Father Matthew flagstones has this name.
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Terrestrials – 1 –
natural cures
Image by Carlo Columba
Tendono a formare una coppia stabile per tutta la durata della vita. Le cure parentali occupano una parte importante della loro esistenza. Per l’essere centrale si tratta probabilmente di uno dei momenti che andranno a costruire i suoi primissimi ricordi di infanzia.

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