SHOCKING Cancer Cures – 100 Years of Suppressed Medicine – Watch This!

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Shocking evidence proves there are inexpensive alternative cancer therapies that are used by doctors all across the world. You must watch this!

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See the scientific evidence proving it is possible to reverse and eliminate cancer once and for all without drugs, pills, themo, radiation, or surgery.
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20 thoughts on “SHOCKING Cancer Cures – 100 Years of Suppressed Medicine – Watch This!”

  1. he is so right that sound crazy if it doesn't work 97% of the time and even make it worse and no one is saying nothing about it America is so demonic and we need to kill the people that's running this country the only way you will stop this start killing these politicians these doctors some of this military and you will get change


  3. IF THIS IS SO IN US of A, then one can imagine how much this so called 'English Medicine' is playing havoc all over the world.. It seems to be a big conspiracy like the Chemtrails, Smart Meters etc. For More info on the conspiracy theories search for 'David Icke' in youtube and you will find out how humans are getting killed by governments – all over the world , including USA…. This Video is probably one of the few which the world is going to be shocked by.. Now the list of diseases which are 'planted' may be like : AIds, Blood Pressure, Tuberculosis, Heart Attacks, Strokes etc etc.. Of course, people will be shocked when the 'scientists' are going to leisurely say that Aids is not a disease but it is a thing which was created by a 'scientist' working in a lab.. SHAME.

  4. sorry to say say don't trust no doctor or herbalist 100 percent,trust God my mom have multiple myeloma 4 years now,when she fine out stage 3,all I could see was chemotherapy we are from Jamaica the herb,it call guinea hen weed we get it and for the for 3 and a half years now she is doing great drink the tea 3 times a day but you have to pray to God for is healing,you may say Jamaica people have cancer too,yes but they don't want to drink it because it don't taste good but I see it help her and no doctor treatment,when you drink it you it does I am no saying it's a cure but it slow down the process,so its good for breast cancer prostate cancer brain cancer and many more I am not sale in nothing but I see what it done for my mom uncle Anut,but remember the number one ingredients is god

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  6. The Key to Winning at Cancer is: "Prevention". Keeping your blood balanced of Carbon and Acidic build up.

  7. yeah no shit people get more cancer than they did hundreds of years ago, we also live past the age of 60 now

  8. hank u v v v much for helping the loving way … As per the reports patient is suffering from Post operated RCC(renal cell carcinoma) with lung metastasis.

    Disease is in an advance stage.
    Even after surgery its not possible to operate 100% cancer cells,residual or remaining cells results in recurrence of the disease
    now wht u suggest me to do..

  9. so whats the secret? besides apricot seeds, a lot of this video is the sort of hey trust me this is legit, (or trying to hard) is there a less they are evil and we are victims, and more about what it is and how it works,

    so i should say less politics more science


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  11. to all medical students, medical doctors and medical professionals, I say shame on u all. shame on u all for not ever thinking outside the box. how can u dedicate your lives to healing and helping people if u don't know about the alternative cures or remedies. And to those who know, and don't do anything about it, u are a murderer. this travesty is at the most immoral order.

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