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She Cured Her Breast Cancer-Here's How!
Tamara St. John discovered her breast cancer while finishing her Masters Degree. Without medical insurance, she set out on her own to find a treatment and potential cure. Find out what she learned in her amazing story!

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  1. About a year ago I started using coconut oil for deodorant. I works so well! In fact it works better than ANY commercial deodorant I have ever used. Just want to say Thank you so much for all of the effort you put forth to help others! May Yashua Bless you! May Yahweh direct your steps and bless all of your efforts! <3

  2. Thoughts: Weaken Cell lining of cancer cells(for when try and mutate could burst/weaken both old and new mutated cancer cells.) add medication with current to act when cancer cells try to grow back or enter blood stream that would allow lining to burst after being shrunken down;
    Need protein that would make cancer cells more likely to attack/attach to each other, p53 and genetics & full dna from female (see healthy one and cancerous one to see if anything turns off), examine cancer nucleus which is bigger and darker to see what reacts, see how chemo (regarding cells) kills/attacks cancerous ones, (ducts and glands in breast),
    Body reactions(chemical/send in) in regards to identifying cancerous cells, need to see cell receptors & current medication,
    Yervoy and Opdivo; N/CD13; CD13 MAb WM15

    three key areas of research –
    1.modifying a patient's own immune system T-cells to target a tumor;
    2.studying ways to boost patient response to current immunotherapy drugs; and
    3. research to identify other novel targets to attack a tumor. cell-surface aminopeptidase N/CD13 may be partly involved in the activation mechanism for type-IV collagenolysis to achieve tumor-cell invasion, and anti-CD13 MAb WM15 may inhibit tumor-cell invasion through a mechanism involving its inhibitory action on the aminopeptidase N in tumor cells.

    Water sensor for flint- lines of sensors that fit inside where water comes out from shower/ sink, have two receptors outside with wifi linking to, have reader on wall that converts water pressure per sq/inch to see amount used and how much monthly payment would be, working on feature to divert water to tank so in case of emergency have some..
    (have the outside screws attach to wifi signal that can be used to then send a signal to the wall/screen)

    ( s connector(w) s): 1-2 on one side.
    1 2
    ===========⇒ honeycomb design sensor (in the middle to connect 1’s
    1 2
    and 2’s with sensors.)
    To read all pressure released, have metal screws on outside of tube where water comes out in shower.
    (screws/ connect has a wifi signal to syncs with reader on wall)

  3. I found you guys a few days ago. Just wanted to comment that I adore the way you two interact and your dispositions. 🙂

  4. How can a mammogram and ultra sound come back negative… A week later a biopsy and I also had a MRI done coinciding with the biopsy, Come back Stage 3 cancer with a tumor about the size of a ping pong ball.
    My whole world is upside down… But now I'm on this learning curve that is beyond crazy… LoL!
    I believe in medicine, doctors, God, prayers and getting down to earth, literally, to cure this crazy tumor and remove toxins from my body!

  5. I watched this video.. This guy and his wife are so sincere and down to earth… Awesome!
    He made a point of the mammogram radiation… I've said this for years! Also I have implants and the both ruptured after my mammogram 2 years ago. Not right away but within months one went then the other went.
    What is really sucky is I was noticing my left breast was swollen and itchy and my Nipple was retracting, I went to a plastic surgeon, he could see my breast was in trouble , even took pictures. Sent info to my insurance company which they promptly denied coverage. The cost to remove and replace my implants was $9,000. So I saved money to have the replacements done. I went to my regular physician for a general check up and just happened to mention my breast issue. He immediately ordered a mammogram and ultra sound, they came back no cancer! Whew!
    But my doctor was being cautious and sent me to a surgeon for a biopsy from my breast… OMG! It came back STAGE 3!!!!
    Ok how can a mammogram

  6. Breast cancer is likely caused by peroxide leaking out of immune cells in lymph nodesand elsewhere in the body, oxidising proteins and forming nitrosamines and other nitro chemicals that can damage DNA.Where there is more protein in breast tissue and the tissue is closest to lymph nodes,there is more incidence of cancer in the breast. White people have weaker immune cells than most other races and so develop multiple sclerosis more too.Low vitamin D plays a role in MS and Epstein barr virus. It is possible EB virus weakens immune cells in some breast cancer patients. In my opinion!

  7. cure for cancer all cancer 2 to 6 weeks is called gumby gumby aboriginal spiritual medicine a tree leaf and twig .the tree has a 60ft tap root draws all the trace elements from mineral soil tannins that attack cancer proven with people and laboratory test results super immune booster

  8. everyone knows what the cure for cancer is………money – if you got money, you'll be cured, if your broke with no money and no "insurance" your fucked!!!!!

  9. Cure for all cancers
    RUN FROM THE CURE 2 THE RICK SIMPSON STORY. (works on brain, lung, melanoma….all cancers hear first hand stories.
    There already IS a cure, we have to stop running from it. Our environment is so toxic, fluoride in water, chemicals and heavy metals in chem trails, GMOs cause cancer, bad oils, high fructose corn syrup, so many environmental causes.
    Chemo and Radiation etc kill you dumping more toxins into an already over loaded system collapsing the immune system.
    This nature cure feeds the body, balances the ductless glands and organs and hormones, its a gift from GOD and Nature let's put it to good use. Spread the world start by looking at Rick Simpson's many documentaries all with different info and witnesses as to its validity.
    war and cancer are the biggest killers and biggest money makers THIS is why in nearly a century THEY still have not revealed the cure that has always been here and is mentioned in the bible. : ) And the Truth shall set you free!

  10. A fundamental way to reason, research and act in medicine is to use peer reviewed data. Where do you get your medical information William Mount?

  11. Hello – I live in the UK but would like to buy the products you mention – I couldn't find Immunosist , and there are many to choose from in the way of Colostrum and Seaweed.  Do you recommend anything in particular in the UK please?  Thank you.  Helen.

  12. What medical school did you go to?????


    You are spewing GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!

    "THUMPING PREVENTS CANCER"?????????? fuck…..

    I had chest Xrays in the 1970s and 1980s AND I HAVE NEVER HAD BREAST CANCER OR ANY OTHER CANCERS YOU MORON!!!!


    Vibrations from towers comes through bras?.. Jesus Christ STOP!!!!!

  13. This was great esp. how God intervened….after she was cured then went back to eating unhealthy.  Info on the detox she used would be esp. helpful.

  14. Run from the cure, yeah Candida can be tricky but she got rid of it she could've accelerated it by ingesting Marajuana oil with the THC . The day will come when the whole world realizes this is very curable maybe there will be public hangings from all the medical criminals who took part in making wealth over dying people health. There are people in the medical world who know full well they are profiteering off of people sick and dying and know this is curable ….

  15. You cannot see your lymph nodes. In orders to test your lymphnoes for cancer they are actually removed from your body via surgery and then looked at by a lab technician. Im thinking maybe this lady had glandular fever which explains the severe fatigue she said she experienced and the nodules or swollen glands under her arms which she mistook for breast cancer. In order to get a proper breast cancer diagnosis you need to get a core biopsy done on the lump. iI do NOT believe she cured herself of breast cancer but some other non life threatening condition. She may even had some viral infection hence the diarrhea episode where she had to run to the bathroom. That sounds more like a virus working inself through her system which explains why she felt better afterwards.

  16. My mother died of cancer 'treatment'. Thirty years after her loss, I finally figured out our family endured the scourge of cancer from 1948 -1988 before her 55th birthday. The doctors did not know they were killing her and she died during her 13th stay in the hospital. In the meantime, she lost all of her hair, lost her little 'majorette shape' and suffered horribly. I now have prostate cancer (stage 1) and I refuse to go thru what she went thru. After MONTHS of research, I now know what a sham the cancer 'industry' is. It's a large $120 billion business that will let anyone and everyone die to keep it alive. I recently had a chief of urology clap his hands in glee over the notion that he was going to make more money over my illness. That's when I got suspicious. I then, caught him in several lies and now I'm telling the world that cancer has been cured several decades ago. The industry does not want you to know that. The easiest way to prove it is by using the reverse of their own game of misinformation. Anything I look up for more scientific and clinical information always 'needs more testing' for FDA approval. The insurance companies and big pharma don't want us to find and affect a cure that cannot be patented at huge profit. But the rules say Congress will not force patents on herbs and foodstuffs that can be grown privately. Try what I'm saying for yourself and you'll find for every thing that tells you how to beat cancer, will have counter articles on Google and wiki, submitted by the big names of hospitalization and 'research' that funding is still needed. But what you'll get instead, is claims of more research is needed for a disease that is striking 1 out of every 3rd person in United States alone. That is beyond epidemic and they run heart rendering commercial asking you to donate to an industry that makes billions of dollars images of cute little kids suffering from cancer treatments as if your genetic code is a lottery and you lost. BS, and then the FDA approves fast food and groceries from big farming, that links cancer initiation and development thru the fault of the ignorant, fat *ssed patient. Naturopath doctors have been pushed to the side by claims of 'quackery' and outright lies. Look up Dr. Andreas Moritz and his 'disappearance' this year on google/youtube. We can fight big wars, put men on the moon and create an internet but we can't cure cancer… Really? Are we still buying this outright bullsh*t?

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