The Gerson Therapy-How Apples Led to a Cancer Cures!
Charlotte Gerson describes how her father, the late Dr. Max Gerson, developed his now famous therapy. She discusses the early treatments he first tried on himself, then the successes he found treating hundreds of other patients with a variety of different conditions. Find out how he discovered they all had one thing in common!
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20 thoughts on “The Gerson Therapy-How Apples Led to a Cancer Cures!”

  1. Gerson has a clinic in Mexico, and they cure cancer in most cases including advanced cases. It's against the law to cure cancer in the USA unless it's Chemo or other approved drug from Big Pharma. Gee I wonder why? Money, plain and simple. If you do research on YouTube you'll find cancer is curable in foreign countries, not the USA. Again it's about money. Remember, the Routhchilds, Rockerfellas, big money families set the stage about what is legal and what isn't. If you believe that "not in this Country could that happen" your not educated, do some research and you'll be amazed at what you'll find to be true, and that what you've been told for years is a Lie. Research first, find out for yourself. Good luck

  2. Great Fraudester for over 40 years, she is dying at a nursing home with her bloody diet and coffee enemas, her BS catching up with her….. but there are a lot of IDIOTs on Planet Earth

  3. surely ALL of hollywood would be alive today if they all took a n apple a day.
    i mean, this is july 2016 and an awful lot of famous people have died ….. so far.
    godnose how many more will die in the next six months of this year.
    apples? cures cancer? forget it. how could a bloody apple cure anyone of anything?

  4. About migraine headaches:I suffered migraine headaches for years until I went sugar free,caffiene free and low salt.Sugar in the human diet causes hypoglycemic headaches,tooth decay,type two diabetes,overweight and combined with starches,makes cancer grow.Caffiene in the human diet causes caffeine withdrawal headaches.Too much salt in the human diet is a known cause of migraines.(Msg means mono SODIUM GLUTIMATE).The doctor who went vegan to get rid of his migraine headaches succeeded because by going vegan he cut outrefined sugar,caffiene and excess salt.These things were never meant to be in the human diet.I went sugar free by replacing sugar in my diet with stevia and sucralose.(Three small packages of stevia plus one or 2 small packages of sucralose.I would consume only sucralose to replace sugar in my diet but there's an argument going on about the safety of sucralose.Also I replaced caffeine in my diet with a coffee substitute.Decaf has just enough caffeine in it to give me a caffeine withdrawal headache.

  5. Honorable Max Gerson's Therapy is an elixirous therapy. I have read the autobiography of Honorable Ginzo Korekawa Japanese Father of Investment, who had contracted tuberculosis in the mid of his life. During that time, tuberculosis is an incurable horrible disease. Ginzo mentioned in his book that he changed his diet into a very good diet, he meant a good nutrient vegetarian diet. Believe that late Ginzo has read the book of Honorable Max Gerson because Ginzo had spent three years in the library to read huge number of books everyday. After that panaceal therapy, he recovered and lived over 90!!! GOD bless all those willing to try and have the will to try Gerson Therapy great health and longevity. In Christ love, Amen!

  6. why is it that the medical world doesnt follow natures way…oh of course no money in people not taking drugs. caps on WATCH "FOOD MATTERS"…………This opens the truth and i know it as i cured "Vasculitits" in 5 weeks rather than 3 months that the local hospital and my doctor told me. Go RAW on veggie and fruit juices as it works.

  7. Godbless You Mam,and Your father, He was a genius man. Thank you for this wonderful video: a lot of pearls(ideas) inside! by the diet I cure one (only) patient with Glioblastoma Multiforme: this wonderful gent is still alive since 2008. I think they are not going to forget this healing case in chicago Hospital.

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